Over the years, WINadvokater has built up considerable expertise in most aspects of property law.

One of our employees, Marianne Brichmann Andersen, is a state-authorised estate agent. Among other functions, she advises on property matters and is the director of Sydkystens Ejendomsadministration, which manages properties on behalf of homeowners’ associations, housing cooperatives and private landlords; see also (in danish).

WINadvokater provides advice to home buyers
In recent years we have helped an average of 200 property buyers a year purchase a detached house, flat, terraced house or an undivided share in a property. Our objective is to provide the best legal advice as well as the swiftest and most competent completions on the market.

In contrast to a number of other players in this market, we stress the importance of providing relevant, independent and in-depth advice which, in addition to focusing on issues related to the property purchase itself (such as financing, insurance and defects), always includes private-law considerations, such as the potential need for a will, marriage settlement or cohabitation contract. Before the advisory meeting with the client, we review all relevant documents pertaining to the property and ensure that none of the buyer’s money is made available to the seller before everything is in place.

WINadvokater provides advice to home sellers
In many cases sellers will find buyers themselves and thereby save the estate agency fee. Increasingly, we take responsibility for document handling on behalf of sellers, at prices far below the fees normally charged by estate agents. Moreover, with a state-authorised estate agent/property adviser on the staff, it is a straightforward matter for us to take care of the necessary documents such as the particulars and a calculation of the proceeds if a seller wishes to advertise their property on the internet or in the newspaper without involving an estate agent.

WINadvokater provides advice on the buying and selling of commercial and rental properties
Because of the expertise built up in the firm’s property management business, Sydkystens Ejendomsadministration, we are in a position to provide extensive consultancy services which – in addition to a lawyer’s usual thorough review of the property documents – can also include profitability calculations and advice on tax-related matters. We have good relations with a number of building experts, and, in cooperation with them, we frequently succeed in arriving at a favourable result for buyers of these types of properties when it comes to negotiating terms and prices.

The project department
Our project department is managed by Marianne Brichmann Andersen. For many property developers/investors, the interplay between Marianne’s expertise – built up through her property-management work in Sydkystens Ejendomsadministration – and our political and commercial contacts, established over many years, has made us attractive as collaborative partners in building projects. Typically, these are projects related to the construction of new housing cooperatives, owner-occupied flats or terraced houses established as either owner-occupied homes or cooperatives.