Commercial law


WINadvokater’s declared goal is to be a strong alternative to the largest law firms when it comes to providing legal advice to small and medium-sized businesses, municipalities, educational institutions, private individuals, public and semi-public works and public authorities.

For many business managers it is important to be able to discuss their legal matters with one of our experienced lawyers and to get a quick, straightforward and competent response based on an understanding of the company’s commercial needs.

WINadvokater provides legal advice on most aspects of general business law, in particular with respect to:


Procurement law has become a natural part of the advice we provide both to our business clients, and to municipalities. Morten Winsløv mainly advises on the procurement of properties, while Allan Schouw-Petersen advises on procurement law more generally.

Debt collection

WINadvokater conducts most types of debt collection proceedings efficiently and responsibly. We focus on ensuring that the debt recovery is result-oriented and financially responsible.

We have more than 20 years’ experience of processing debt collection cases for mortgage providers, and conduct the proceedings from the first collection letter to the finalisation of the forced sale.

We also conduct debt collection proceedings for mortgage providers and process them from start to finish, to the finalisation of the forced sale.

WINadvokater also has many years’ experience of property tax collection, and in these cases we also use our extensive experience of forced sales.

We also regularly handle rent debt collection proceedings, recovery of claims on behalf of banks, accounting firms, tradesmen and other commercial operators as part of the cases we take on.

Company law

Including establishment, capital increase, voluntary winding-up, capital reduction, restructuring, conversion, etc.

Ownership transition

WINadvokater has specialised in ownership transition. One of our lawyers in particular, Morten Winsløv, has accumulated substantial knowledge about the use of legal instruments related to ownership transition which the Danish Merger Tax Act provides access to in the form of mergers, divisions, transfers of assets and tax-exempt business conversion. In addition, our advice is based on solid experience of the commercial relations and psychological mechanisms that need to be taken into account when planning a successful ownership transition.


We draw up limited liability and shareholder agreements (ownership agreements), employment agreements, rental contracts, partnership contracts, cooperation agreements, exclusive distributor agreements, framework agreements, licence agreements, director contracts, and more.

Business transfers

We provide extensive assistance to buyers and sellers of businesses – right from the initial probing of the market and the preparation of non-disclosure agreements to the final signing of contracts.

Our lawyers’ experience of commercial matters, e.g. from board appointments, allows us to provide advice based on various parameters, such as negotiation techniques and an understanding of financial statements.

Construction law

WINadvokater has many clients in craft and construction businesses, and on their behalf we conduct a significant number of court cases or arbitration proceedings brought before the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board or the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement. We also provide assistance with the preparation of, for example, standard subcontracting contracts, consortium agreements and joint-venture cooperation agreements, and are happy to help prevent future difficulties when a proper agreement basis needs to be prepared.

Employment law

Employment law is an essential element of our everyday activities, since the services we provide for our permanent commercial clients often include advice on handling employee matters. We have developed incentive programmes and can give advice on matters concerning employee shares, options and warrants.

Legal Check-ups

Based on the old saying that prevention is better than cure, we perform reviews of the company’s employment agreements, contracts, interest terms stipulated in invoices, general terms of sale and delivery, standard order confirmations and more (preferably at a price agreed in advance).

Board work

Our lawyers act as advisors and sounding boards on a number of professional boards. We are happy to take on co-responsibility for both legal as operational matters. In general, we take a practical and financial approach to all our commitments.


Taxation seems to be here to stay... and of course it is a natural part of the advisory services we provide. Depending on the nature of the case, we are also happy to bring cases before the Danish National Tax Tribunal, law courts or other authorities.