Private law

WINadvokater handles many cases for private individuals, and does not believe that commercial cases are automatically ‘superior’ to legal matters of individuals. In addition to assisting with property matters, we also advise individuals on the following:

Wills and marriage settlements

According to statistics, many hundreds of thousands of Danes ought to prepare a will to ensure the desired legal consequences after their death. We do not prepare any documents without a prior meeting to conduct a thorough analysis, since we can often suggest other solutions than the one the client had considered. This area is closely connected to issues of insurance and pension, renunciation of inheritance, gifts and cohabitation contracts.

Lasting power of attorney

Decide who should provide assistance in future in case you lose the mental capacity to look after your own affairs. A lasting power of attorney is a good, respected instrument for ensuring that the individual’s own personal and financial desires can be realised. At the same time, it avoids a situation where the appointment of a guardian hinders quick and efficient assistance.

Administration of estates of deceased persons

When handling estates and considering the difficult situation of the bereaved family, we strive to combine a gentle approach with swift and efficient administration in order to eliminate any significant matters of dispute as soon as possible. Christine Rohde is employed as a full-time legal caseworker in the department, and the lawyer Allan Schouw-Petersen is responsible for the rest of the estate administration work, assisted by the lawyer Jonas Hallum.


If litigation is required, it must be conducted optimally. We are very conscious of our role as our client’s champion. However, advice as to whether to take legal action must take its point of departure in other matters than the strictly legal, including whether a court case will be financially viable and whether it will be worth the trouble. A prompt settlement out of court can often prove to be the best solution.

Property management

Since it was established, our property management department has grown steadily. We aim to make this well-oiled branch even larger, so we are always prepared to give a free, no-obligation offer for taking on your property management.

Office of chairman

When approached, we almost always accept requests to take on the office of chairman of homeowners’ associations, cooperative housing associations, etc. Our lawyers have many years’ experience of fulfilling the office of chairman and providing general advice to these types of associations.